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Roadside Baseball:

A Guide to Baseball Shrines Across America


"Los Angeles-based writer Chris Epting has delivered a stand-up triple
(baseball's most exciting play) in Roadside Baseball... he doesn't miss a
beat in the 288-page atlas, loaded with pictures."

--Chicago Sun Times

"It's a perfect gift for anyone who loves baseball and travel."
--Chicago Tribune

"What a wonderful book. All the 'stations of the cross' of our national pastime are here, big and small, telling and frivolous. I can imagine this book in the glove compartment of every true fan's car, a handy reference to this beloved game no matter where in the country you are."
--Ken Burns, baseball historian and filmmaker

"For the fan, this is the ultimate road trip. Chris Epting is the perfect traveling secretary to lead you to all these great baseball stops."
--Joe Garagiola

"If it doesn't make baseball fans feels as if they've died and gone to heaven, it'll at least get them to Dyersville, Iowa's Field of Dreams, where the set for the movie of the same name attracts thousands."
--USA Today

Paperback: 288 pages
Publisher: McGraw-Hill/Contemporary Books

Editorial Reviews:
Roadside Baseball
The traveler's companion to baseball history across America
by Chris Epting

Cooperstown is not the only shrine to baseball. As Roadside Baseball shows, the history of America's pastime is alive and well in hundreds of sites across the country.

This one-of-a-kind road atlas takes baseball fans across the United States to out-of-the-way spots and near-forgotten sandlots, where the remnants of baseball history still endure: where a plaque marks the spot of Babe Ruth's first professional home run, where the lights that once illuminated Ebbets Field now shine on Downing Stadium, where the crumbling bleachers of Cleveland's old League Park still stand as a Greek ruins of baseball.

With colorful commentary and accompanying background stories, from sea to shining sea, this state-by-state guide leads intrepid readers to:

  • Former sites of famous ballparks
  • Baseball museums
  • Baseball plaques
  • Statues of great players
  • Birthplaces
  • Final resting places
  • And much more




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