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One of the more interesting "diary" sites run by one of the more interesting
musicians I’ve ever heard.
A great place to get lost in the stars.
There are millions of baseball sites out there. This is my favorite.
All ballparks, all the time. What could be better?
Getting engaged? The is the World’s Biggest Engagement Ring Store
(and the world’s best.)
America’s Leading Publisher of Regional and Local History
(and publisher of my first two books)
The official site of Henry Diltz, one of my favorite photographers.
The coolest team in the NBA
Still the greatest rock and roll joint in NYC. (Back in 1979 I saw the Ramones, Blondie, Patti Smith and Johnny Thunders here…in one night!)
In my opinion, the best TV show of the last 20 years. (Okay, that may not be saying much—still, I adore this show.)
The Make A Wish Foundation. The name says it all.
The National Multiple Scerlosis Society. A devastating disease for young and
old alike. Maybe not as visible as som of the "bigger" diseases, but just as
worthy of your support--trust me.
A site set up for breast cancer survivors—a brave friend of mine, a survivor,
is heavily involved with this organization so I know it’s a good one.
An awesome baseball history site. (My favorite.)
New CD by The Hot Club Quartet.

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