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Watts Towers

"One man's artistic fantasy is here given substance: fanciful spires pieced together over a period of thirty-three years from steel reinforcing rods and wire mesh, colorfully decorated with seashells and fragments of broken dishes and bottles."

—from Sylvia Hart Wright. Sourcebook of Contemporary North American Architecture: From Postwar to Postmodern. p111.

As my photos indicate, well spoken…

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Pacific Bell Park, San Francisco. My new favorite stadium, as it looked to us
July, 2002, Giants vs. the Dodgers. Glorious baseball environment, smart fans
and excellent food. All you could want.


Shot this panoramic photo at Edison International (nee Anaheim Stadium)
recently before a game. Go Angels!


Panoromic shot of Edison
Scene of "The Hunt for Red October"





Rally Monkeys


Mars rock



Babe Ruth and Child


Brown Derby Coaster




Red Rock Canyon 1

Red Rock Canyon 2


Silverado Canyon

Twin Towers





The wetlands marsh in Huntington Beach


Warhol tribute commercial



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