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Huntington Beach Photo Gallery

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This is a series of promotional postcards created for "Images of America, Huntington Beach."

Each one featured an old shot and a new shot (that I shot) taken from the exact same perspective. (There's an entire Then/Now chapter in the book.)



If you'd like one of the actual postcards, just write and I'll send you one.



Huntington Beach, then and now

Looking west toward Main Street
Helm Furniture Company
Pacific Coast Highway


Beach toddlers, 1906

Looking off the pier

Bandstand and pier, 1920’s

F.D.R. in Huntington Beach


Other Photos

Duke Kahanamoku stamp


Duke Statue




Standard Market plaque


Longboard Plaque

Endless Summer Sticker



* All photos & video are copyrighted may not be used without permission.


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