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Okay, so it’s more of a "timeline" than a "bio."…
these are some key dates in my life…

1961 Born in NYC, along with my twin sister, Margaret, to my parents Louise and Lawrence.
1964 Younger sister, Lee is born.
1967 We move to Westchester County, NY, thus beginning our "rural suburbia" experience.
1974 Run smack into Alfred Hitchcock’s stomach while on vacation in Los Angeles. Am reprimanded by the famed director.
1975 See the Rolling Stones for the first time at Madison Square Garden in NY.
1977 Begin a several year friendship with renowned author (and then-neighbor) John Cheever.
1983 Graduate from Emerson College, Boston.
1986 Attend Game Six of the World Series (when the ball Mookie Wilson hits in the bottom of the 10th goes through Bill Buckner’s legs and the Mets go on to win.)
1987 Move to Los Angeles.
1988 Meet my wife to be.
1991 Get married.
1993 Our son is born
1996 Our daughter is born.
2001 I’m re-born when my first book is published and I leave to start my own advertising company.
2002 Write second and third book with more on the way…start a web site…and now you’re up to date.

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