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Marilyn Monroe Dyed Here: More Locations of America's Pop Culture Landmarks


"Everything from where Truman held up that famous newspaper to where Johhny Appleseed planted his famous trees."
—National Public Radio’s Talk of the Nation

"A virtual roadmap of Hollywood and pop culture history"
— ABC News

"Makes the random, unusual and weird cool again."

"Chris Epting has done it again!. . . .From Christopher Columbus and Johnny Appleseed to Michael Jackson and Elizabeth Smart, Marilyn Monroe Dyed Here spans American history. I just wish my high school history text had been half as compelling a read. . . .Epting’s work (and he isn’t done yet—he’s at work on volume three) brings cultural history out of the ether into three dimensions. The events he highlights may have vanished into the past, but the locations are still with us. Thanks to James Dean Died Here and now Marilyn Monroe Dyed Here, they’re as close as your bookshelf."

"The book is fascinating!"
—Sun Newspapers

"Complies all sorts of offbeat historical landmarks"
—Flash News Wire

"A guide to not-so-famous cultural landmarks. . . .these off-the-beaten track sites aren’t easy to find, but that’s precisely the point. . . .readers need not be history buffs or frequent flyers in order to appreciate Marilyn Monroe Dyed Here. The trivia behind the trivia can be ingested seriously or casually. . . .Epting has made more than 600 landmarks less elusive."
—National Post

"An extremely entertaining collection of offbeat and interesting locations."
—KPCC’s Talk of the City

"Epting has unearthed a ton of information here, dividing this fun and irresistible guide into palatable pop culture chunks: history and tragedy, crime, murder and assassination, celebrity deaths, movies, music and literary stuff. This book will keep you entertained for hours."
—Chicago Tribune

"… a compendium of pop culture locations that range from Al Capone's house on Star Island to the spot where Jackson Pollock died in a car crash to the street near Fresno where Anne Heche was found dazed and confused after her breakup with Ellen DeGeneres. …Chris Epting does an amazing job of compressed research. "
— Palm Beach Post

"Tabloid readers and tourists on the fringe will love Chris Epting's Marilyn Monroe Dyed Here, a ‘Hollywood Babylon meets Fodor's guide’ to the historic, tragic and scandalous."
— Los Angeles Magazine

"James Dean Died Here" and "Marilyn Monroe Dyed Here," both by Chris Epting (Santa Monica Press, $16.95). Outstanding pop-culture guidebooks with sections on rock 'n' roll sites.
— Orange County Register

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