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James Dean Died Here:

The Locations of America's Pop Culture Landmarks


"Chris Epting writes a guidebook to a broad range of historic and often hysterical American landmarks -- more than 700 in all. James Dean Died Here includes the spot where the young movie icon perished in a car accident, the location of the Brady Bunch house, and the hangar where the final scene of Casablanca may have been shot."
--National Public Radio's "All Things Considered"

"James Dean Died Here is an addictively irresistible tour through pop culture past and present."
--Chicago Tribune

"The U.S. embraces its own pop culture like no other country does, says advertising veteran Epting, and he shows exactly where to find American cultural hotspots in this absorbing guide."
--Publisher's Weekly

"Full of photos, Epting’s book is a guilty pleasure for the celebrity obsessed and offers an intriguing peek into the quirks of Americana."

"Whereabouts of 600-plus places that have helped shape national identity, from the momentous (site of the world's first A-bomb explosion) to the ridiculous (where Zsa Zsa slapped that hunky Beverly Hills cop)."
--USA Today


Editorial description:
"Packed with historical information, this travel guide explores the sites
where pop culture history was made. With hundreds of photographs, this
encyclopedic resource covers approximately 600 sites of the most famous and infamous pop culture events. The greatest landmarks from Americana, movies, music, tragedy, crime, television, and sports are included, such as where George Washington crossed the Delaware River; the diner in the film Diner; the site of the Planet of the Apes finale; the Hindenburg crash site; the Brady Bunch house; and the location of the 1980 Olympic "Miracle on Ice" hockey team victory. This offbeat travelogue provides the armchair traveler or road warrior tourist with all the information needed to visit America's pop culture sites of significance."


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